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  • Rene Saravia

A Fluffy Attack

It was a cold winter night when I was heading home. It just snowed. I don’t like when it snows since I’m a tiny girl. People used to make fun of my small steps on the snow, saying that they look like little child’s steps. Although, this time I was walking alone, so I didn’t have to deal with those comments. But I know I’m below average size, there’s no need to pretend. I have no friends, all the people I know reject me or bully me for no reason. If you want to know why, ask them, they might have good reasons.

I spend my days with my airpods on, listening to my own music. I like singing. I feel like it is my way out to this reality I’m living right now. My songs might sound like I was depressed or something, but they help me. They lift me. They increase my self esteem.

At home it is not different, my parents don’t understand me. Ok, you will say that I’m the typical teenager that says their parents hate them because they’re different. Let me explain why I’m really different. My dad doesn’t work, he is nowhere but the bar. My mom works twelve hours as a waitress, and when she goes back home, my dad yells at her asking for food. Sometimes, he even punches her. And after that my mom turns on me for no reason. Since she cannot fight back, she tortures me to feel better. I don’t know, trust me I would like to know as well.

Due to this, after school I often visit a little park near my house. I do nothing but read, I read a lot. Sometimes, the books inspire me to sing and write my own lyrics. Once I got an extremely immersive book that I forgot to check my watch. I returned home so late that my dad beat me up. He hit me so hard that I didn’t go to school for a week. I didn’t want to get bullied for showing up with all my face, arms and legs covered by bruises. I was his punching bag.

Now, after a busy day I’m going back home. I’m just hoping that my dad is sleeping because it is getting dark and if he finds out that I’m still out he might beat me up again. While I was walking I started to hum and then I noticed I was singing. Cause there’ll be something to see and to find. I don’t know the meaning of life, but I know what’s truly precious. The way it leads me to be in love, no fear I can find me always in my heart. Suddenly, I heard soft footsteps behind me which made me turn around and I saw a herd of kittens under a flickering street light which looked like it was going to stop working at any time. (? would the narrator hear kitten footsteps in the snow? )

I must have the worst luck ever. No sooner had I said that about the light that the street light decided to stop working. Everything went dark. I got nervous. Soon I felt something scratching me everywhere starting from my legs to my stomach. I couldn't see anything and I lost my balance. I fell. The only trace of light that I could see was the moon which was partially covered by a black and hairy creature. I felt it bite me, making me start bleeding all over the snow and the rest started to eat me alive. They were biting, biting, biting every spot of my body. Rivers of blood started to flow. Is this the way? I’m gonna die, eaten by kittens? My life couldn’t have been more lamentable. However, I wasn’t feeling pain. How strange. Hold on… The kittens are purring and meowing. The black one was sitting on my face. When I lifted my head, the little creature jumped to my legs laying on them.

My singing brought these kittens to me. They felt how lonely I am. They brought love. They came to cheer me up. I was sitting on the ground, stroking under their chins as they purred. I was no longer alone. They made me realize that my voice could reach their little hearts. I kept stroking them for a while and when I started to laugh, I felt weird. When was the last time I laughed? I released a laugh so huge that maybe some neighbor heard me. As I was laughing I was also crying. Then one came closer to see what was happening and I grabbed him. I hugged him to dry my tears on his soft fur. I remained in that position until some snowflakes fell down the sky covering my head with snow. I restarted on my way home once again after a few minutes. While I was walking, I turned around to say goodbye to the herd of kittens, they had saved me.


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