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  • Steven Mora

Two faced canvas

It’s a rare time to be alive these days.

Everywhere I go there’s no sorrows needed because it's already on the canvas.

A light moon with dark trees blowing into the creator’s mind.

It’s hard to define between the sun and the moon.

Blue skies and black views filling a paradise to anyone who’s aching with heart.

Caresses the minds who think to the deepest abyss making it blue, but black to the ones who feel and don’t think.

A white canvas that has been haunted with loneliness and turned itself into the sorrows and guilt of its creator.

Black and blue fearing itself in the day and lights up with sirens of notions that no one knows except the creator.

Free its mind to escape the horrors of existence because it doesn’t need a mind to be free.

Unscrew its colors with ease and escape to the 6th dimension to the eyes who are experimenting with feelings.

Suffocates its time because it carries its mind to be anyone else who feels its colors.

Holds down to the firm ground knowing it's only a feeling of confidence,

but blood and tears is the only thing experienced by the brush of its creator.

Everybody has a two faced canvas only when it’s released coming alive to a young and beautiful soul only needing painted memories of happiness and sadness.

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