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  • Wilmer Valle

The Pre-calc Games

It’s another tough day in Mr. L’s class. The best class of the day, I was told. Lies. "Please plug in the function y= x-4 into your calculators and write the domain." Really? Is solving the domain of this function going to help me pay my bills in the future? The answer is no. Although, I could major in math but that’s a scary thought. We plug the equation into our calculators. If you think hard enough, my calculator is just like a Gameboy, trying to win gold in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. Playing as Sonic, I easily pass Mario and Knuckles, but Yoshi is going up on me. Dang! That dinosaur is fast! I can see the finish line. C'mon Sonic, almost there! "Trevor, Please tell me what scale you used for your window and tell me what you got as your domain in set builder notation."

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