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  • Yasmini Saravia

A Wandering Art

Who I love is

who you are.

The soul with the

open mind, and

the open mind with the great soul.

You are a wanderer who wanders

the wonders of the world.

I wonder how this came to be

and, why we are how we and who we are.

The art you show me paints new pictures in my head.

And it’s like, a graffiti on a train taking me

to a place I need to be.

A picture speaks a thousand languages

and the language you speak is art.

It’s a way of making sense out of how we came to be

and is there a way we can sit at the edge

of the universe on a dock?

Having our feet dangle over

the small rocking boat that leads us

to another universe and in that universe

we find the place we need to be. But

what’s in that universe? It’s welcoming like

when a baby comes into the world. And

everything we thought we knew

isn’t close to what we will see.

And now that we are here, we realize

that everything isn’t as perfect as it’s

sought to be. This new universe isn’t

Like the one we come from but worse in your eyes

because as I realize, you lie with the mesmerized.

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