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  • Julia Fisch

No Really? I had no idea?

No really?

What I say,

every time my mom says,

it is what it is.

At Gold Medal Gymnastics,

one of my last meets,

I fell off the beam.

Girls twisting and tucking,

on vault and floor,

while I’m rotating and jumping.


Next thing I hear,

It is what it is Julia.

How many more times do I have to hear that?

Those words hurt like

an air horn blast punctures a dog's ear.

Things happen for a reason,

is what I learned from my mom.

She says, you learn from mistakes,

and failure.

The only way to learn,

is to make mistakes,

live in them, thrive in them,

don’t think it’s the end of the world when something bad happens,

because it’s not.

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