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  • Nadia Lubrano


It was I who woke up before the harsh sun rose

to observe sprawled across my nightstand

an unpolished monogrammed gold ring,

the chipped Mexican ceramic bowl full of loose change,

and the white tentacles of wires ensnared in another.

Amidst all the chaos I notice

the sunlight trapped in the face of the

women’s Waltham watch

that does not tick

but is frozen in time

as if i am stuck in that day forever.

When I wear it, I feel the same searing yellow pain and indigo heartache.

I am reminded of how our relationship used to tick

like the old watch once did.

Our pulses steady in unison

you the hour, and I the minute.

And for a second, despair consumes me.

But now I realize how that day changed me

and has made me stronger. And maybe,

one day in the future, the

two of us can repair the watch that is our bond,

but for now,

We’ll continue struggling to coexist in the same time zone.

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