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  • Magaly Garay

You’ll Pass by Again

Someday when I least expect it.

Like a car driving by

on a long empty road in the countryside,

secluded from the busy towns and streets,

surrounded by the hills and fields,

the occasional house,


The cows feeding on the grass,

cornfields so tall and vast,

the perfectly shaped

white puffy clouds adorning the sky,

dainty flowers growing

adding splotches of color,

the sunset on the horizon

covering the immense green hills

with a warm orange glow.

Until the moment

when a car drives by

interrupting the peacefulness.

The cows, the fields, the hills,

all being captured and trapped

by the clicks and pictures

of the family inside it,

blasting music as if they were

the main characters in a movie,

not enjoying the view for what it is

or taking in the clean air;

polluting it.


when I am enjoying my quiet

peaceful view

away from the business of the world,

you will drive by on this road

and return to the busy and crowded highway

as I watch the sun cover the fields

in a warm blanket.


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