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  • Serena Heddell

Tickling the Ivory

Songwriters and composers are very similar to us.

Whether you realize it or not.

From hours on end to sleepless nights,

a poor perfectionist of a musician tickled the ivory.

She wrote with passion and sang her vocal cords raw,

pouring her soul into every line until she lost her light,

recording everything into her DAW.

For nights she screamed in frustration

and her eyes were sore from her screen.

Her brain sloped into a form of sedation,

with ambition that’s hardly ever seen.

The pride she has for her work was unheard of.

Her project filled her with glory,

but the project was not shown the same love.

So, she went back to the beginning,

tickling that ivory.

DAW: Digital Audio Workshop/ Workstation



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