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  • Ethan Shapiro

The Wretched Haze

They say forgetting is like a white cloud.

Your ideas and memories only hidden behind it.

They say forgetting is like trying to read without your glasses—

where you just can’t quite make out the words.

They say forgetting is simply a momentary lapse.

But in my eyes—

A grotesque manifestation of guilt and shame.

Forgetting is like crashing into a brick wall—

Ideas flung off in every direction,

like a drunk driver without a seatbelt.

Forgetting is like turning on the bathroom light at full blast

as you open your eyes at 3am.

Forgetting is like being stabbed in the stomach

with a ten foot rusty sword.

Forgetting is something you always remember—

You don’t remember what you forget,

you only remember that you forgot.


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