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  • Lorely Hassman

The Gardeners

Scratches on parchment flourish;

the ink transforms into stories.

As scissors slice through fabric,

creating extravagant robes from mere sheets,

the colors drip onto canvas,

bristles comb over the pigments.

God's greatest creation is mankind,

as man's greatest gift is the ability to create.

To harvest—to grow, To perceive—to inspire.

Humanity is filled with gardeners.

We cultivate our land.

Watering and observing our vegetation.

Sneaking glimpses of the estate next door—

and admiring its beauty.

Forbidden fruits meshed with the temptation

to Mimic the garden of Eden.

The Seeds germinate

Flowers flourish. Fruit ripen. Man´s bittersweet

wish to be better. The addiction to harvest ambitions blooms.

We love to create, to grow;

We proudly behold our trophies

and thrust them into the sight of one another.

Smiling as we grasp onto each other´s hopes.

Embracing our fruits and fertilizing our land.

Inspiring one another to produce more. To do more. To create.

To garden.



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