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  • Matthew Brown

The Flame

The flame dances upon the candle in my study.

I am in this flame as it sways rhythmically

with Mozart playing in the background.

It moves gracefully with no worry—

a tranquil and harmonious pattern.

My pupils dilate in the elegance of this glow.

Maybe we should all learn something from this tiny fire—

it does not consider the past nor future, but lives

in the now and values the present.

We become lost in the past overwhelmed with guilt of what we could've done.

We become lost in the future submerged over what it may bring leaving

us disappointed when it actually comes.

We should live with bliss.

We can make memories to enjoy for a lifetime.

As the flame starts to die down, I think of the lives who

have been burdened by the past or future.

This flame lived with purpose and not with grief nor regret.


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