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  • Michael McIndoo

The Duality of Water

The waves crashing against the surface,

While the birds chirp in the background.

The warm breeze hits

As the cold water becomes lower and lower.

Soon, the cold water encompasses the body

As the light becomes dimmer and dimmer.

You know the bottom is near

as the seaweed creeps higher and higher.

The hope that once fulfilled the body

Is now as far as the surface of water.

The waves that once created a beautiful energy

Are now a destructive force causing hysteria and harm.

Sadly, the seaweed is now as tight as a seat belt.

Constricting the possibility of any escape.

The water that was once the escape needed from the land,

Has become the demise you were trying to run from.

A glimpse of opportunity has finally arisen.

The grip beginning to loosen up

As the sand below grants the chance of a lifetime.

A chance of freedom from the darkness

that consumed for so long.


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