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  • Aidan Wallace

The ABC's

It’s 7:29 A.M.

The squealing alarm does not shut up

and the cozy bed just won’t let go.

I force myself to get up and my feet feel like bricks,

as I drag myself to the desk.

The chromebook lights up the dark room,

like fireworks in the night sky

leaving my eyes balls shocked by the flash.

And then it begins.

The constant reminder of the ABC’s.

My peers have disappeared,

and are now entrapped by a singular letter.

My eyes slowly begin to close,

and the daydreaming begins to take over.

I have waited all these years,

but now I must accept.

The dreams of the simple things,

must fade away.

Reality sets in, pushing me down

and not letting me up.

Yet I can not give in.

For there will always be flowers

which bloom in the harshest weather.

And stars that continue to shine,

even when all doubt them.

The light might be vague,

but it pierced my eyes —

Leading me one step closer

to all I desire.

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