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  • Cassandra Dinulescu

Take a Walk

I was walking today, as I always do,

alongside my enemy and my best friend,

watching the others who also pass through

stand separately, walking towards the same end.

On the way, we may get annoyed with the others,

and at sounds of tired feet dragging through soil,

yet strangers and sisters, intruders and brothers

all remain silent throughout their shared toil.

Although it appears that we walk different streets

and different destinations appear in the distance,

the roads continue past out till they all meet

and the path that is taken makes really no difference.

What is it we look for at these destinations

that inspires the tiring, terrible trek?

How do we manage to muster the patience,

to continue past till they're reduced to a speck?

When what we are searching for is found,

we are forced to continue past, constantly searching,

convinced that our next destination is bound

to be the place where our feet won't be hurting.

Though we walk different paths of varying lengths,

paved with bricks, stone, soil, or with many bends,

our pace does not depend on agility or strength.

We all walk as one, be it enemies or friends.

And when we reach the ends of our outing,

reaching the place where we may finally rest,

we will look back, finally doubting,

that our wishes for happiness were never blessed.



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