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  • Natalia Lutz

Submerged in Silence

The cheery sounds of laughing and splashing—

in an instant muffled by the barrier

that is water.

The only guaranteed immediate escape

from the deafening chaos that surrounds.

Despite the noisy world looming above,

it’s peaceful beneath the surface.

Now being immersed in a detached,

beautifully undisturbed version of reality.

But there’s only so much time

until the need for air

becomes unbearable.

And you must decide either to come back up,

or trade life’s commotion for a painless—

illusive promise of privacy and peace.

Yet at last,

tranquility turns to torture.

The once suffocating world that surrounded

is the escape you desperately need.

The water

is not peace.

It’s no more than an excruciatingly temporary means to disappear.


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