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  • Sarah Cruz

Strawberry Lemonade

When I look at you

how could I ignore

your baby blues,

past and future

cut me loose

falling into swimming pools.

Sticky surrender

I could be yours

behind closed doors

I cut you loose,

hard to remember

wordless offender

we’re crass in photo booths.

To quench my thirst

I only feel craving

for strawberry first,

I watch you move

as a girl must do

to forget the taste

of forbidden fruit.

How the roses bloom

in gardens of blue

lush berry bushes

suddenly I’m reminded

of your crazy kitten touches…

Warm in the summer oven

the tender fruit

is now scorching and swollen,

never forgotten

the core that’s rotted

molds in my room

I’m forever smitten

from my citrus addiction

that I sprung from you.


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