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  • Violet LeClaire


as i sit here, being stabbed with words of disappointment and my blood of tears spilling

out, i can’t help thinking back to where i was mere hours ago.

instead of my hands wiping away my tears, they were around the back of your neck and

in the curls of your hair.

instead of salty water on my skin, it should be your lips again.

and my heart should be pounding instead of my head.

i want to go back to 11:30 last night, when we thought it to be less than ideal to be

ducking behind my car so as to not get caught but it is now 12:30 and i am ducking behind the

headrest of a different car to not show my tears.

and now as i get closer to having not seen you in a day, more than ever before i just

want to be in your presence.



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