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  • Alexa Toledo


The bright fiery daytime dwindles

into a night of a cooling dark blue as

if one has sunk to the bottom of the


A silence fills the air as

if one is in a library.

All the energy from the day seems

to be sucked up as if a vacuum

passes by during sunset.

While everyone sets with the sun

I’m rising like the moon.

It seems that you become

just as alone as the

whale of 52 hertz.

Some tremble in fear of what lurks at night—

I tremble in happiness.

Happiness, because my mind can finally take a break

from the chaotic bustling daytime.

And in turn become

as clear as the night sky.

I can finally stop holding in my burdens like

Prometheus having the burden of upholding Earth.

Everything just stops

as if someone pressed pause.

Time becomes infinite as the decimal of pi.

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