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  • Hannah Cruz

Selfish Sea!

The soggy sand hugged my tan toes tightly,

greeting them for the umpteenth time this month.

My sluggish pace allowed them to be absorbed by

every grain they came in contact with.

The waves developed their defense against my presence

they forcefully clashed into my mid-thigh and you

would’ve been jealous of the attention I’ve given them

as I play offense in our little match.

I eventually let the ocean engulf me entirely,

surrendering myself to its serenity.

Once my head was completely submerged,

I finally felt like I could breathe.

When I resurfaced, I found myself holding hands with the sea.

That gesture held more intimacy than any moment

we’ve shared together. And only then did I notice

my bare wrists.

I should have screamed and cursed and cried

at the water for being so deceiving. I should have

challenged the sea because fighting and shouting

is all I’ve ever known.

But the tranquility of your absence was so alluring

that I decided to create an alliance with the ocean. Making a

promise of safety and security in its tides. I will never

allow you the satisfaction of appeasement again.

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