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  • Maggie Lahm


As a child, I was told

I could be anything I wanted to be…

an astronaut,

a firefighter,

a police officer,

a doctor, my options were endless.

But as a young girl,

all I wanted to be was a princess,

the one that lives happily ever after

In beautiful palace with a

charming prince.

That was my dream.

I am not entirely sure when that

dream ended;

when the endless limit hit

its End.

Since then, Life has become

much less of a dream,

Life is more like a nightmare.

I know that I will never be a princess,

but sometimes,

for just a moment,

when time seems to finally

stand still, I still dream

I dream of that little girl

who dreamed for more than

Life could provide.

And I grieved for the girl

who was told she could be anything

she wanted to be.


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