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  • Ali Hassan


I present,

myself as paralleled to the universe.

The darkness

that lie below light of an umbra.

I confide myself joyous,

dancing and singing in coolingness of this night.

The faces I witness,

all fabricating the uniqueness.

I testify myself,

to every part of my being to the universe.

The casual deceit,

that covers the story of your own.

I speak hysterically,

the path will open for you to have the atom of your own.

The depth of abyss,

which you can alter as showers of rain or sunshine.

I stare in sky,

speaking with wonders of the magnificent stars.

The voices

come back with mysteries but assurance.

The ground,

with the softness of touch, mellow of voice, and deep of power.

I let those,

contain myself as it could possibly contain the whole of me.

I develop with nature of truth—

promising to have the same self affect for you, as it does to me.



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