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  • Joshua Alms

One in an Infinite Series

One child

approaches me asking

to decode the infinite.

He asks of the convergence and divergence and

of the beauty and intricacy in

series, sequences, integrals, and more.

I share what I know, for

I alone am

too small.

The businessman

seeks guidance in optimization.

He asks of the stochastic processes, minimizing costs,

and of the evolving global tax policy in the context of their endeavor.

I cannot design the nanotechnology

or the social network

or the cure they offer.

I can share what I know, although

I alone am

too small.

I can fill the gaps.

in knowledge, in experience, in space—

where others lack, where they cannot move the

expanses of heaven and earth


I can stand.

I share what I can, teach what I know, to help others

change the world.

I am but one small piece of a nearly

infinite series, but

together we can be infinitely grand.


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