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  • Romel Farquharson

Night Flight

It was a car ride I wish I never took.

A word I wish I could have said.

It was the 107.5 station that spoke on this lonely night.

At afar I could hear the plane for her departure.

But up close I can feel my ego’s rupture.

My sluggish flatlining heart yearned for a hug.

To feel the beat of a soul he onced loved.

*Bump Bump*

I still wonder how a foreign rhythm can be

ingrained so deep in one's heart.

Your unmovable self was all I needed that

night, a reward of happiness at your sight.

I wish I could have said bye.

Your silent retreat back to an island I hardly felt

Was devastating and tremendous to my mental health,

I'm sorry, instead of enjoying your final gentle

gesture, I allowed it to turn sour.

Depriving it of its rightful glory.

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