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  • Chris Ramirez

My Soul

My soul, and your soul are quite important.

I enjoy speaking my mind, my soul is quite loud.

The exchanges of words my soul has spoken are quite unique.

The red hot chili pepper you apply on your ice cream

is the same energy my soul spreads out.

My soul’s attachment to you is the same

to a butterfly’s fondness towards the pleasant

nectar of a phlox.

Like the great sky above us, with their relationship

with the clouds.

Like the pick

for a guitar.

Like the marine animal’s attachment to

the ocean.

Like the remora fish’s symbiotic relationship between

A great white shark.

My soul ascends, ascends for greatness.

Its importance has meaning, it’s made in heaven.

It speaks, chatters, utters, and declares its uniqueness.

All it offers is love.

I love how sweet your soul is.

I hope you love mine with the same sweetness.

The same sweetness you give to everyone else.

Please don’t separate our souls, this connection is important.

It lunges towards you—

With love.

This is all that my soul offers.

This is what my soul is made out of.

This is the voice of my soul.

This is how it speaks.



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