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  • Kristy Chillemi

Missing Gem

I stumble upon a queen of hearts.

In the middle of dirt.

On the side of the road.

I bend over and pick up the

muddy, mangled, magnificent

piece of paper.

She is worn and flimsy.

I could tell she has brought

hours of fun to many.

I wonder where she came from.

How her 51 friends are doing without her.

How such a beautiful work of art ends up here—

Living a lonely boring life with

No war, blackjack, or poker to play.

I happily bring her home

and introduce her to my deck.

But she stands out.

Her bright red back

shining amongst the other blue backed cards.

She doesn’t belong here.


I remove her,

And place her in the middle of my

Lord of The Rings novel.


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