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  • Victoria Pascrell

Mind of Collision

Complexity cannot be contained in one form.

Alas, here I prosper, unchanging in my stature.

But in this form of universal byproduct,

A mind of collision and chaos ponders itself.

Watch as the nature of my soul morphs into

A shape most certain for the hole it is given,

As a square sinks perfectly into a square hole.

Watch me as I adapt.

Watch as an underwhelming presence becomes

Large and heard in a room that is changed,

As words that whisper grow into a passionate force.

Watch me as I crescendo.

Watch as the stand-in stands in another’s place,

Here and present in a moment not theirs,

As the spine straightens into something unmovable.

Watch me as I deserve.

When the lonely heart only seeks Loneliness,

Or when the worker finds work to fall back in,

And when the lost keep losing the way to the end,

Just to keep moving, you will find my mind of collision.



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