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  • Chloe Murphy

Message In A Bottle

Moonlight danced over the shallow waters

illuminating the seaglass with soft, round edges.

Tiny multi-colored fish darting through the crackling coral,

the distant crash of the waves against the shore.

She stood on the edge of the reef,

her cold toes digging into the sand,

clutching the shiny, clear, glass bottle.

She wanted to shatter the bottle,

to smash it and crunch over the broken fragments

because inside of it was a note filled with her agony.

But, she didn’t.

She ran from the reef and towards the waves,

her hair like a banner behind her,

and flung the bottle past their wake.

She expected it to sink the bottom like she had,

forever lost in the dark depths of the ocean.

But, it didn’t.

It floated farther 一 and farther, 一 and farther.

One day someone would read it,

but for now, she was finally able to let go

of everything she had bottled up.

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