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  • Aleena Asghar

Just Watching The Birds

The deserted gray sky whispers a frigid breeze,

tugging at my hair as it passes by.

I gaze at the trees, and from a nest three birds take flight,

two of them paired, the third a solitary sight.

As they glide and soar, their love fills the air.

I can't help but feel alone,

stranded in despair.

Their wings beat faster, lifting them higher and higher.

My heart grows heavy,

consumed by desire.

I'm lost in their beauty, unable to see

raindrops collecting on my pants, nature’s decree.

I remember a pain that won't subside,

the agony of being left behind.

The forgotten bird stays rooted in place, while the pair

doesn’t share even a glance

at the lonely disgrace.

Does she know how much it hurts

to be alone, abandoned, forgotten, and unknown?

My hair turns damp as the rain starts to pour.

I realize I'm not the only one

who's ever felt ignored.

I see the forgotten bird spread her wings,

her eyes shining bright with the joy that freedom brings.

She takes to the sky, her spirit unbroken,

I'm reminded that hope is never fully forsaken.

I head inside, my clothes soaked to the bone,

my mother asks what I was doing, all alone.

Just watching the birds.



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