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  • Destiny Miller


You can find me

Somewhere in a sea of trees

Leaves blowing,flowing throughout the breeze.

A Little blue birdie lands lightly beside me,

He asks,

“Why did you decide to visit on this somber day?”

My answer to him is:

I want to ascend beautifully into a blossom tree

Fluorescent colors of white and pink

Open space and time to think.

You can find me

In a river

Melting away

like a sheet of paper.

I am new

Soon a big red bird soars above me.

He screeches a warning that wakes the bees

“This is no place for a flower to be.”

I believe the sea of trees could consume me,

Pull me into a dark slumber deep beneath the earth

Into the gritty dirt.


“Be free,”he said.

So you can find me now

Ascending away from the sea of trees.


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