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  • Daniel DiLeo

Inevitable Neglect (braces to teeth)

Metal brackets held down

by an overpowering glue.

Spread teeth attract towards one another.

With this love comes an unbearable pain.

Teeth shift into position,

the wires and coils work in silence.

Feels like forever.

Days of soothing soup and ice cream

to numb the throbbing.

You lose track of time,

Don’t notice the progress.

The sturdy glue works agelessly

while the smile under them is nearly complete.

Just a little more.

It’s almost over.

Longing to be free.

Teeth are ready to be on their own.

No support and guidance.

Braces plucked off one by one,

Each one shedding a tear as they part ways with the teeth.

Bright white glimmering teeth

Lift the spirit of the dim room.

Each one of them thankful for the stainless steel bracket they matched up with.

The brand new display is now the center of attention,

while the once heavily-relied on braces sulk in the shadows.

It always ends bad for one, but never both.


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