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  • Molly Dugan

I’ll wear pink and think of you.

I was too young,

too young to understand

what that six letter word really meant.

But if the look on Dad's face

was anything to go by—

it wasn't good.

I was too young,

too young to know

that your own cells

had turned against you.

One genome sequence copied incorrectly

putting life on the line.

I was too young,

too young to believe

that the treatment

they claimed was helping you

was really what caused you

all that pain.

I was too young,

but maybe that was for the best.

I couldn’t have imagined

just how serious that

disease was.

I was too young

to ask questions,

and too young

to look for answers.

But now I understand;

I know what happened;

I believe you fought the hardest battle in life

and you can only imagine how proud I am.

And now that I’m not too young I need you to know

I’ll love you indefinitely,

and until we meet again.


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