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  • Jaden Lantier Stark

I Don't Sleep Anymore.

I think I skulled of you last night.

We were in my room when you thought

I said I love you.

Your teeth became blurred together.

I couldn't quite remember what they looked like,

but I knew it wasnt that.

We swapped spit and blood

and drank venom under dun light.

At one point I had even tried to climb up into your ear.

When you rest, can you see me behind your eyes, too?

Suffocating your brain with my flesh,

whispering odes to your heart?

I think I skulled of you last night

And the night before that

And the night before that

And I probably will, until I have lost your face completely.

Even after that I think you'll still haunt me.

Lurking in quiet nooks

comfortably curled up in cerebrum and cavities.

I hope my mind is more accommodating to you

than she is to myself.


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