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  • Gabriel Gonzalez

Fledgling’s Flight

Fallen from the nest of twigs,

the plump ball of down

chittering, chirping.

Those around scramble for their phones,

cursing the lack of internet

in the wild’s home.

Breathtakingly long minutes,

in which at any moment a monster

may emerge from the earth

and swallow the fledgeling whole.

Meanwhile, the parents patiently watch on,

more concerned about the

mob of tall, tailless monkeys

staring at their own feet.

The fluffy ball hobbles a few steps,

leaps and flaps,

achieving man’s dream

but for no more than seconds

before crashing in a pile of orange leaves

once again.

From the motivational cheers of its parents,

it regains its composure in moments—

a world mankind

could never understand.


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