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  • Ashli Wuss

Empty Silence

She trailed alone,

treading the stone-filled path

decorated with soft green moss,

to the soundless

abandoned building.

The creaking of the door

opened to the vacant hallway

where the chipping yellow paint

and dingy stench remained,

wafting through the dusty air,

filling her with despair.

Trekking on the grime-ridden floors,

she witnessed spiders,

spinning their webs,

trapping their prey,

paralyzing them,

diminishing the prey’s hope



Numerous rooms,

filled with tattered tables,

shattered windows, and

rickety rocking chairs.

She witnessed

the darkness

seeping through the

cracked ceilings,

feeding her dark and dangerous lies,

reminding her of how


empty, and


the abandoned building

of her mind is.


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