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  • Gianna Vozza


I chose to ignore you calling my name

for a reason.

You cannot separate me from my ponders and wishes

and my prison, outlined only by grasses and clouds.

I chose to ignore your party poison

that you wished deeply to destroy me with

because this childish laughter is my divinity.

As is this wild bird’s squawks and screams.

As is a million pairs of colored eyes

of a half-million mountain lions.

As is the stampede of insects buzzing in spring.

As is the squeaks of mice masterfully hidden.

The winter sun aims to dazzle and stupefy you,

but for me, it feeds my spirit.

My divinity is not your synthetic songs,

but rather the roar of a pupil

but rather also, the still fisherman.

It is the branches holding yapping cats.

It is the splash-less water with the asleep.

It is the howl of a lone wolf.

I cannot hear you

over the words of my Lord.


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