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  • Ahmad Siddiqi

Desperate Breaths

The once fertile strip

lays more barren than

her lifeless inhabitants.

Retaliation is condemned by our oppressors. 

Desperate breaths silence the

hypocrisy of all bystanders.

We will not stand by the unconditional 

butchering of mothers and daughters and sons.

“The most humane” amongst us

trample the flag once hoisted in peace.

White stained red, massacre by massacre

Until none remain.

Activism is squandered by politicians with more

haste than the orphan seeking 

shelter from the carpet

of scorched earth. 

Fight till your last breath,

and continue even after that.

Each martyr strengthens our cause.

None shall stand in the way of 

the liberation of our brothers 

and sisters trapped between the 

river and the sea.



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