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  • Yulisa Gonzalez

Deep-Rooted Thoughts

“Howl, howl, howl, howl!” - King Lear Act v scene iii

Thoughts in the brain are like roots attached to trees.

No matter how long the bark gets

it is the roots that- hold- it- Together.

Separation of the branches demonstrate Growth.

There is -unclarity- and- indecisiveness-

Winter is closer each day.

Is it worth being loyal to a ghost?

Ignorance seems to be the best solution.

The tree still Stands over time

as the roots come out and become -Visible-

Thoughts are BURIED looking for an escape.

Six years have passed and it is painful.

The howls the heart screams,

the thoughts that -come out-

continue to confuse me.

Heartbreak is easier than wondering,

Losing someone leads to healing,

but separation gives only unanswered questions.

I am processing,

Waiting for clarity of these roots.


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