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  • Logan Needham

Bean’s World

A Poem about a virtual reality video game containing a world where you get to play god.



Until I abruptly blink into my room at last.

I sit, no, stand in a near perfect replica

of my bedroom.

My environment isn’t perfect.

The textures of the somewhat jagged

geometry look akin to the graphics of a

cheap mobile game

But every dust particle,

every shred of

eraser shavings are taken

accounted for.

I open my drawers

and I’m even able to dig out an old photo of

me and a friend of mine,

of which I took with her at the mall in one of those

photo booths at the arcade

“They must’ve hacked into the machine from the internet.”

I thought.

But that’s the problem.

Everything in this virtual world is almost

exactly the same as the one I’m familiar with.

…Except for when I drop the photo and it glitches through the singular plane of

pixelated texture that stretches beneath me.

-I don’t think that’s supposed to happen.

I walk outside and see my mom… Where she usually is.

Slightly clipping through the model of the gray loveseat.

“Jesus Christ,

this’ll never work.”

I said to myself

audibly aloud this time.

But just as I was about to give up, I saw it.

A popup flickered into my vision

with a bunch of behaviors and modifiers.

They were mom’s.

And I could edit them.

Days pass and I go through my day to day routine

with bursts of unfiltered joy this time around.

I haven’t felt this happy since childhood.

My friends,

casually notice and give me their luxurious


Society itself,

doesn’t even suppress me like they’ve done

Especially in the past

just like my parents,

Who beautifully


toss me into the black corner where I’m trapped

for all eternity.


I don’t even have to feel self

conscious every time I look in the mirror,

for my wardrobe consists of nothing but skins,

vessels that I don’t even own.

I don’t even need to go out to any store

when I have a character creator

even though they still exist here too.

After a while I didn’t notice the performance

hiccups anymore.

Everyone can be anything they want themselves,

And everyone else to be.

They can change appearance, ai, and even the world around them.

So consider me buying this game a favor.

The shapeshifter will finally be at peace with himself,

My brother won’t even have to struggle with his

mental disabilities anymore,

No more girls slicing their forearms with


No more war.



Overall hate and bigotry.

I helped all the people I care about.

This is reality now

and I will never

have to go back.


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