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  • James Boccone

Anthem of L

You had me enthralled

my Self, not yet realized;

an unshaped, soft, scared

ball of clay;

in awe of You entirely.

Sunned by You,

trapped in Your orbit,

too stars truck to escape

Your unintentional grip.

But I didn’t want that,

a blank-slate barren planet

dwarfed and blinded

by Your radiance

inferior, hopeless, doomed

to never be Your equal.

So I channeled that,

the months of adoration

and self-loathing

into the anthem of You.

And once it was ready,

I broadcasted it to many

but I played it at You,

hoping the soundwaves

would weaken the chain.

But I was not prepared

for You to inquire further.

Your eyes cutting into me,

crushing me

under the weight of Your gaze.

Inches away from unveiling

the truth of my obsession,

escape was the only option.

My weak form

could not withstand

the strength and potency

of staring directly into the sun

And having it stare back.


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