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  • Gabriel Gonzalez


In the clearing

of a temperate, oak-filled forest,

a small log cabin

once stood.

Day after day,

a carpenter worked on expanding his cozy Home,

filling the forest

with the deafening

yet delicate


of his sawing and craftsmanship.

Delicately carved wooden furniture,

wide and spacious rooms,

a larger fireplace,

a softer bed,

a fuzzy carpet—

all new additions to his Home.

However, one day,

the exquisitely constructed roof caved in,

furniture collapsed,

and the fire was unleashed,

consuming his Home

in a roaring blaze.

The carpenter had failed

to notice the

infestation of vermin,

hidden in the cracks

of the trees he

had butchered,

that had corrupted

the place he once called



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