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  • Chris Ramirez

A Tainted Raven

A walking contradiction.

That is all I see when—

your very being is around me.

A walking embodiment

of lies and cruelness

weigh heavy when I see you.

A two-faced, good for nothing


A bad omen.

A bad feeling.

I turn my head and cover my eyes!

The tainted bond we now share

echoes in a hollow cave.

The silence between us—

Oh! How loud it is.

The smells of lies and deceit follow you.

I’ll know the smell (It’s quite recognizable).

It seems that you’re still confused.

Why have I been turning my head you may ask?

Look over to your left.

It seems like someone you knew was waiting for you.

I am no longer needed, and you shouldn’t need me too.


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