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  • William Iemma

a rainy autumn day

i enjoy watching the colorful autumn leaves

fall from the boughs of maple and birch.

drifting gently to rest in the puddles

along the pavement-side.

and feeling the crisp, cool breeze, which carries

a scent of wet soil and apple-cinnamon muffins

as it rustles through the branches.

i empathize with the crow, who flutters about clumsily

with a trinket in her beak - something seemingly worthless

to anyone but her.

and the cat, who rests quietly on the windowsill

beside the cooling muffins. their eyes peering out,

at peace in a world of warm colors.

i appreciate the quiet drizzle as i sit with a novel

and a mind free of storm clouds. its healing words

like steam from the cup of tea and honey beside me.

and all the pinned-up polaroids of pumpkins and parks.

smiling, recalling memories of marigolds and music and magic.

i love the season of changing leaves and gay, gentle beauty.

i love it because it reminds me of when i’m with You.



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