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  • Leonardo Castro

A Passing Glance

So many wonders in this hall.

Every step I take on its reflective floors

Echoes—like a cave.

Displays of splendor and artistic flare,

Screaming several different emotions, countered by the

Blank, blaring background lights humming over the works of art.

In awe of the artistic accomplishments,

Each art more detailed and elaborate

Capturing my attention the second it catches my sight, holding my attention

All—except for one.

A statue, given so much effort and passion into its creation

The artist, having poured so much into it, to present it to the world

To gaze at and admire, only to receive my quick acknowledgement

And move on.

I saw nothing wrong with it

It just doesn’t captivate me like the other marvels.

The shining words on the pedestal glittering failing

To catch my attention, leaving no lingering thought or feeling.

No disappointment, nor gratitude does it leave on my mind

In fact, it doesn’t leave anything on my mind, I think as I start

To forget about it.



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