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  • Leonardo Castro


Everything, Everywhere

Nothing, Nowhere

Moments passing by in a flash

Our lives are filled to the brim with them

Some we barely think about

Others we can never get away from—

The shine of the sun

The explosions of music while driving on the open road

The cries for your parents after falling

Do you remember the exhaustion you felt from your first all-nighter?

Or the pleasure of eating your favorite food after having a rough day?

These little things mean nothing in hindsight—

But they mesh, mold, and morph into something truly beautiful

All of the times you regretted doing or saying something

Every time you argued with your loved ones

Every time you said “Hello” to a friend passing by

Moments of love, Moments of hate

Pride, Shame

Excitement, Boredom


Moments of gratitude, Moments of loss

All of your countless moments, whether they are as complex and profound as

Explaining to somebody why you love them

Or as simple as taking a small stroll outside on a beautiful day

They sculpt us—Define us

It makes up our entire lives, sprinkling every imperfection onto it like sprinkles on ice cream

It flashes all at once in our minds, making up our personal eternity

One that we can recall on at any time

Any one moment in our time.


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