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  • Jesse StrengerSkolnik

A Closed Umbrella

Closed after a torrential down-pour,

or perhaps after a scorching afternoon,

or perhaps left unused for 10 years sitting in a long-forgotten cabinet down the hall.

Generally hung up on the hook with hats and coats,

and sometimes a briefcase sitting on the floor below.

It had likely changed hands half a dozen times over its existence,

from being purchased at a flea market, then on to various other owners,

some who picked it up neglected from the street, others who borrowed

and promptly lost it.

The umbrella was vital to protecting against the elements,

but they managed to lose it nonetheless,

and gave trivial excuses to their friends or colleagues as to why

and how.

And so there it still lies, leaning on the corner of the wall, or maybe in the cabinet; nobody really remembers anymore.


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