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  • Sarah Larice


You’re in your room again, exhausted

from yesterday’s duties and responsibilities but

something is off.

The walls feel like they are closing,

stuck in time but the walls don’t want

to move forward— sometimes they

prefer the time when things weren’t chaotic.

Afternoon’s window view was standing

still to enjoy the world’s wonders I think about

often and sometimes, does the world want to hold

on to these wonders—


You are envious of the tranquil feelings

of others because they seem confident

in what they want to do in the near

future—you are three steps trailing behind.

But not all was so bad, your room became

the safe haven from all the annoyance of time,

moving fast and wanting to stay in last year

forever because it seems last year was the last

time that the world was moving

towards your happiness.


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