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  • Kaiet Coraizaca


35,000 feet in the air.

An expensive hunk of metal powered by fans.

Humans were never meant to collide with the sky.

Not only is it unnatural,

it makes us risk our mortality.

Like Icarus,

we ignored all directions from those meant to protect us.

With any new invention,

we create what was meant to be the impossible.

A box on wheels that get us from Point A to Point B,

A raft that swims us across the ocean in a matter of hours,

and even a ship that transports us into the galaxy.

Humans have the ignorant desire

To journey into what was thought to be forbidden.

We were never meant to collide with the sky.

At what point,

Do our curiosities melt like the wax on its wings?

When will society fall victim to its own aspirations

and nosedive into the sea?



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