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  • Thomas Swanson

Backyard Football

Weekend excitement fills the air.

Stepping off the school bus

a blast of cool Autumn air refreshes me

as I slip on soggy leaves hurrying home -

my mind on the game.

I came in like a wrecking ball.

Hurling my bookbag to the floor,

grabbing a handful of Goldfish,

taking the stairs two at a time,

throwing on sweats,

promising my mother to be home by dark,

all the while my mind on winning the game.

Walking down the street my head

plays out all the different scenarios

until I reach my neighbors' perfectly manicured lawn -

the field we all imagined was like our OWN stadium.

As dusk creeps across the sky, game on the line, one

play left the ball is launched into the air.

Making my way from the swing set my eyes

fixated on the brown spiral falling towards the ground.

Arms outstretched, my mind on the catch!

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