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  • Blake Morang

The Dew Pile

When I was a kid my friends and I made a mountain

of empty Mountain Dew bottles.

We appropriately dubbed it the “dew pile,”

it was rickety, disgusting and an overall eyesore-

we loved it.

It sat untouched next to my friend’s xbox.

Whenever we finished our sugary drink,

we would chuck the empty bottle into the corner of my friends house.

We felt like miniature architectures creating our magnum opus.

The plastic pile peak was taller than us.

It was fun, it was messy, it was stupid.

I miss it, I miss visiting the house every week to see how much the pile grew.

The family moved and the dew pile was recycled.

I wanted to relive my childhood so I tried a Mountain Dew-

it was horrible.

It tasted like battery acid with a few cups of sugar.

How did I drink this stuff almost every day?

I kept drinking despite it tasting rancid.

It smelled like urine and tasted like death but it reminded me of simpler times.

After I finished, I knew what I had to do,

I went to my living room and threw it in the corner.

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