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  • Ashley Winch

My Home Away From Home

Walking down Main Street I am greeted

by many magical mysteries.

I smell the sweet shop making carefully caramelized

apples and can hear the noise of shoppers wanting

every last bit of merchandise.

I turn to see the man who all the kids adore

holding the balloons, handing them out one by one.

I continue my trek passing by the photographers

wanting to take my picture in front of the view.

I do not need a photo- the only photos I need

are in my memory.

My eyes are gleaming with joy and my smile widens.

I have just seen the castle, the heart of the land.

Every single year I stand in this spot

and get a good look at where my childhood lives.

If I turn to the right I become an astronaut-

I can soar through the galaxy and fight crime too.

If I turn to the left I become an adventurer-

my time is spent in jungles or on pirate ships.

If I go straight I become a princess-

my dreams come true as I finally meet my prince.

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